Thursday, March 26, 2015

travel essentials

Just a few travel essentials...

I pack everything into bags to keep them in one place and find them right away. 


I love these mask sheet packs, I normally use one right off the flight or after a day at the beach.

I sometimes bring sample products with me since they are already small sizes, but in case I MUST bring some products that I need or I don't have in small size, then I just pour them into a travel size bottle and/or container.


To keep that bright smile ;)


 I try to sleep on the plane since I don't fly well (sometimes I get very nervous), so I cover my eyes and put on plugs to feel more relaxed and encourage the sleep.


And if i can't sleep on the plane I look for distractions! Either read a book or magazine, play games on my phone or listen to great music and beats that makes my mind travel.

Safe travels!

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