Wednesday, March 25, 2015

California trip part 1: SAN FRANCISCO

I've been absent for a bit, I was actually out there enjoying my life! I finally made it to the west coast and honestly I don't know why I waited this long. So last week I packed my bags and flew to California. I LOVED IT!!!!  Every bit of it, the good and even the bad...

The first stop was SAN FRANCISCO. Everybody had already told me what a beautiful city it is, but I got to see it whit my own eyes and yes it is very beautiful indeed. I loved how every district is so diffrent from the other, the hills are breathtaking and very tiring to climb especially on a hot day, but the view you get from up there is marvellous. I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the amount of street people, it kind of made me feel uncomfortable to walk at night. We were travelling on a budget so we stayed in defferent hostels. In San francisco we stayed at the San Francisco International Hostel. That place was awful! very dirty and uncomfortable and even tho is very close to the subway and different kinds of transportation, it was right by the "ugly" area of San Francisco. We booked it at the last minute and we should have done a little more research about it, I definitely DO NOT recommend this place.  But hey it was an experience and our roommates happened to be from New York too :)

Check out the pictures, I took millions but couldn't upload them all... Will show you more about the trip on future posts. Cheers






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mash said...

Awesome pics :) I loved SF except the wind :P