Monday, April 27, 2015

home spa day

Pampering day! Some people hate mondays because is the beginning of their work week, some love it because is the beginning of a new week and an occasion to start fresh. I like to take it easy on mondays since I usually don't work on this day. Most of the times I don't even leave the house and just have some quality time with myself.... Today I decided to relax and pamper myself a bit....

First of all I normally put on some calming and relaxing music. I eaither listen to these two cd, The yoga am and yoga pm, native american sounds, classical music or just put on the "calm meditation" pandora radio station. I light up some incense (always a must in my house!) or some nice smelling candles.

 I relax my body. I warm up these hot stones put them on my back and lay down forever.... i get a little head massage with this intimidating looking thing and relax my thoughts........ I also like to warm up a gel mask to relax my face.

If i'm too lazy and or tired to leave the house to get a pedicure i just do it on my own. I bought these cool feet gloves form a korean store.  I suggest doing this mask after scrubbing your feet.

And probably watch cheesy romantic comedies on netflix....


Eatlovemerry said...

Thanks for sharing! xo


Léa B. said...

A home day always feels good :)


mode french said...

Perfect :)

Bisous from France,
Sandy :)

Nadia Kandil said...

Älskar sådana projekt!