Friday, February 20, 2015


I can be veeeeery messy,  is just that throwing stuff around is way easier than putting them back where they belong. But I guess if you make their place easily accessible and pretty enough it won't hurt to make a lil effort to be neat especially because it make it so much easier to find what you're looking for when you need it. Also if i store things into drawers or closed boxes I forget I have them and won't wear/use them because they're not right in front of me. Just a few tips on how to organize your stuff if you're a mess like myself ....

Jewelry  ohhh it's so hard to keep them organized in one place that doesn't look disturbing to the eye. I used to keep them in small drawers and boxes all scattered around this table, it looked a mess! But found a nice box with dividers that allows me to separate the jewelry by category but still keep them all in one place. A box for hair pins, one for earrings, one for bracelets etc.


Necklaces  well if you keep them all together they might end up all tangled up so it is ideal to keep them separate but still in one place where they don't get mixed with other stuff or won't take too much space. I use small pins and hang them in one side of the wall....well i must admit i still leave them laying around the house sometimes... but that's just the habit

Make up  I store the makeup I don't use too often in a little vase I don't even remeber where i got from but is one of those small vases where they put smalll flower arrangements.  The make up i use often I took the entire shelf in the bathroom to store them and even if they might not always look this neat at least they're all in one place. The everyday make up i carry with me in a small make up bag

Hair  the bushes are in a nutella jar, and the flat irons and stuff like that I keep in a basket on top of the toilet... well I have very limited space in my bathroom... that new york space!

Random stuff  This might be one of the best purchases from ikea, I can keep all kind of crap in here but still separate it and keep it in one side of the room rather than all over

Business cards  i keep a lot of business cards like I'm ever going to need them, but you never know. The ones that I think are worth keeping and might need are kept in empty cigarette boxes. Yea creative..........

Clothes  The most challenging, I have the hardest time keeping them in one place. I leave them all over the apartment including the kitchen I'm not even going to lie about it! I'm trying to color cordinate them, I've always though it was stupid but since i've started it's way easier to find clothes (when they're in the closet), at least the ones hanging, and i'm not even too anal about it. It works for now... at times. But I MUST get rid of that chair in my room since it stores most of my clothes!

any tips you want to share?

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Helen Chik said...

I've got a similar set up with my jewellery but its never enough room!

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images!

Helen xx

PS. Only one week left to enter my Daniel Wellington Giveaway and I would love if you would enter ;)