Friday, January 16, 2015


I've been cooking under the sun and it feels great! Miami is nice I like to come every now and then for a few days, the beach is fantastic and I love the colors! Every color looks so vivid in here. Living in new york I'm always in crowded places so since I needed this time off to relax I chose to hang out at a not so crowded section in south beach where the only sounds I could hear were the ones from the waves, the birds, and the air....ahhhh I'm having such a relaxing time during the day! But yes i go out a lot at night, great parties!


Chloe Sterk said...

Ah I want to go to Miami very soon! X

momochiclook said...

You should!! Dont know where you live but if you want to escape the cold miami is great :)

Gabriella Lorentzson said...

Beautiful pictures! :)