Saturday, November 8, 2014


The three ladies that inspired me to create this blog ------->>

I started following this girl years ago, maybe around 2010 or so, got to know her through Michelle Phan. She's the kind of person that could wear a plastic bag and still look classy, yea just about anything looks good on her. She has a youtube channel and I absolutely love het tutorials, they are very helpful.

It hasn't been long since I started following this girl, I'm not even sure how I found her but have been checking her blog daily since then. I could pretty much wear anything that this girl wears and it has happened that right after I buy something she will post it on her blog too. And just like me wears a lot of ZARA :) Her blog is fun to look at and she sure takes great photos.

I also started following her less than a year ago, found her through instagram where she has over a million followers. I can identify with her look, she can put together some great outfits and I wish I could afford her wardrobe!!! She's also a great photographer and has the best shoes!!!

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