Friday, November 21, 2014


I went through several different glasses in my life, I don't like to wear contacts, I do occasionally but I rather wear glasses, they're much easier to deal with. I'm very rough with them tho, not careful I always leave them around sit on them or leave them loose in my purse without the case!!!...........

 But I gotta tell you I'm very happy with this pair! I've had them for a lil over 2 years now (usually they last less than that) and they still look good, maybe I might need to change the lenses soon but these frames are fantastic. They are almost exactly what I was looking for (what i had pictured in my head my own design lol) and since they are an everyday accessory, I had to find something that would look good with anything I wear.

You can find them on Amazon HERE 


Jules said...

Ah those glasses look great on you!

Jules x

momochiclook said...

Thanks ;)